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See some of our frequently asked questions below.

How long does it last?

The silica gel is contained in a double sealed packet – that has a ziploc and a heat seal. The packet is water proof. So – if the bag is not opened in any way, it will last a very long time. It will only deteriorate when it is exposed to moisture. If the silica gel packet is left open and exposed to the atmosphere – the gel will adsorb water from the atmosphere itself.ere

Can it be re-used?

The silica gel itself can adsorb >30% of its weight in water. As it adsorbs water, the colour will change. When it is saturated – the entire silica bag will have changed to a green colour. So – the answer is – it depends on how much moisture it had to adsorb. It should be able to be reused until saturation point. Just don’t leave it out in the open, or it will adsorb moisture from the atmosphere.

Does it have a scent?

It has no scent.

What is the size of the package?

It is 28cm x 18cm x 1,5cm and folds in half easily to fit into handbags

What is the delivery time of the order?

Product will be dispatched within 2 working days after receiving confirmation of payment. It will be shipped using a courier. Shipment to major cities in SA normally take 1 – 2 working days and to other areas 2 – 5 working days

How much does it cost?

R90.00 each

How much are the courier costs?


Courier (to door) to MAIN cities in SA – R80.00 for the first item
– R15.00 each additional item
– Free shipment for orders of 10 or more


Courier (to door) to Other areas in SA – R140.00 for the first item
– R15.00 each additional item
– Free shipment for orders of 10 or more

 Major cities in SA:

Cape Town
East London
Port Elizabeth