The Results Are Amazing

While there are no guarantees, the SAVACEL™ emergency drying kit is the best over the counter method to remove water from your electronic device. This product contains colour changing silica gel beads that are designed to absorb moisture.


    • If your device gets wet – DO NOT PUSH ANY BUTTONS OR TRY SWITCH IT ON / OFF until it is completely dry. Any attemp to do this could increase the likelihood of damage.
    • Remove your device from water, dry off excess water with a paper towel. Keep in upright position and DO NOT SHAKE THE DEVICE OR ATTEMPT TO BLOWDRY IT, as this could drive moisture further into your device.
    • Where possible – remove back of device/battery door and remove any battery, SIM and Memory Cards carefully. Blot dry with a paper towel.
    • Cut open Savacel™ kit above the ziploc section and carefully put in all components. Note – for larger devices, such as tablets/ipads put into a larger ziploc bag or container and add the silica gel packets from the Savacel™.
    • Close the zip -loc and make sure it is completely sealed and keep upright if possible.

  • The moisture within the device will be drawn out by the silica gel. This can take up to 72 hrs. The orange silica gel will turn green when moisture is absorbed.
  • Be aware that irricoverable damage may have occurred to your device depending on the length of the time in water and the  type of liquid it fell into and thus removing the moisture with the Savacel™ emergency drying kit may not save your ‘wet device’.  

Accidents happen! Be prepared! Keep a Savacel™ emergency drying kit handy!